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Peter Chico

Life Long Resident of Chicago´s 10th Ward

About Peter

Peter Chico was born on January 3, 1983, in South Chicago located on the southeast side of the City of Chicago. He attended St. Columba Grammar School and in May 2001, he graduated from De La Salle High School, in Chicago, Illinois.

In August 2001, he became a student at Benedictine University – Lisle, Illinois. In May 2005, he graduated from Benedictine University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. In June 2016, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Service from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois.

Peter is the proud grandson of John Chico. 

His grandfather John Chico was a union leader, who was ultimately elected President of Local 65 at U.S. Steel South Work in the 1970s. His grandfather's spirit lives on through him. He believes in the importance of union jobs and will take that same fight his grandfather had to the City Council.

He started his professional career working at United Way raising funds to improve communities in need. Then, he decided to work in child welfare services. He began to work at Maryville Academy in their children’s shelter, helping to improve the lives of adolescence in DCFS care. Next, he was employed with Volunteers of America as a case worker with children in foster care. 

After his career with the non-profits, he started a career in law enforcement. Peter began employment with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. However, Peter’s ultimate goal was to come back and serve the residents of the 10th Ward. Thus, he became a Chicago Police Officer and is currently assigned to the 4th District as a District Intelligence Officer. 

Peter’s work as a Chicago police officer gives him a unique perspective for solving the complex issues facing 10th Ward residents. Peter’s plan includes ensuring public safety and ensuring city services are delivered to residents of the 10th Ward.

Peter resides in the Hegewisch neighborhood. Currently, Peter is an elected community representative for the George Washington High School Local School Council. He is a board member of the Hegewisch Bulldogs football organization. Peter is a lifelong resident of the 10th Ward and a leader and participant working alongside many community organizations, businesses, and residents.

Our Mission

Economic Development

-Improve Business Districts Throughout the Ward.

-Attract new businesses to give residents more options.

Public Safety

-Bring more police resources to the ward.

-Ensure residents are constantly updated with major criminal activity.


-Ensure any projects do not compromise the health of our families.

-Put policies into place that protect our residents.


-Fight for the funding we deserve for all schools in our ward.

-Give all our students the opportunity to participate in after-school activities whether it be sports, clubs, or the arts.

City Services

-Ensure city service requests are fulfilled in a timely manner.

-Host town halls where residents can voice their concerns about improvements throughout the ward.

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